What are gas struts?


A gas strut is a sealed cylinder that is used to enhance the performance of anything that involves the lifting, lowering or positioning of moving parts.

Similar to a mechanical spring but more precise, durable and cost-effective, a gas strut can be applied to a broad range of commercial and domestic applications to:


  • improve the safety in using heavy objects
  • reduce wear & tear
  • control the speed of movement
  • dampen the end motion during movement.


A gas strut is made up of a number of components: a rod, chamber, piston, seals and end fittings. The chamber of the strut contains pressurised gas and a small amount of oil.

Output forces of a gas strut can be factory set OR gassed by Strut Innovations to suit your specifications. Gassing a strut to suit your individual specifications will ensure that you obtain the optimum working force from the strut.


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The benefits of gas struts


  • Improve the performance of moving parts in heavy objects
  • Enhance safety, convenience and control of opening/ closing speeds
  • Compact design, clean, self-contained
  • Practical and cost-effective solution for reducing wear and tear
  • Quality assurance and warranty


Our struts are:


  • Crafted with the highest quality materials and methods
  • Manufactured to ISO/ TS16949 standards
  • Carry a 2 year warranty
  • Are designed to last the lifetime of most products
  • Help to satisfy the Occupational Health & Safety requirements across various industries in Australia.


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