Actuators – Remote Control Actuators, Switch Controlled Actuators


Strut Innovations can help you to control the lifting, lowering or adjustment of moving parts with the simple push of a button!

The automated, remote-control action of actuators have made them an increasingly popular solution with hard to reach or heavy objects eg opening/ closing of boat hatches, louvre windows, gates, gull wing doors on vehicles, home theatre systems/ projectors, power wheelchairs and medical equipment.

If you have a 12V or 24V power outlet to operate an actuator, Strut Innovations can supply and install an automated lifting solution for you.

The benefits of actuators

  • Automate the performance of moving parts in heavy or hard to reach objects
  • Enhance safety, convenience and control of opening/ closing speeds
  • Compact design, clean, self-contained
  • Energy efficient
  • Practical and cost-effective solution for reducing wear and tear


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