Chair Gas Struts


  • Office chairs
  • Desk chairs
  • School chairs
  • Swivel chairs
  • Gas lift chairs


The effectiveness of gas struts in chairs will reduce over time. Their life span depends on the amount they are used, the weight the chairs hold and the quality of their components.

If your chair is in perfectly good order other than its gas lift power, there is no need to buy a new chair!  Strut Innovations can extend the life span of your existing chair by installing a new gas strut into your chair. The gas strut will be gassed to suit your specific requirements.

Strut Innovations:

  • stock a full range of new chair gas struts
  • offer a mobile service throughout metropolitan Sydney and the Sydney CBD
  • install new gas struts “While You Wait”.

Contact Strut Innovations to discuss whether your chair can be “saved” with a new gas strut. Call 0418 690 635 or email